Winter Lawn Care in Charlotte

At this time, especially with the winter storms we're getting, lawns in Charlotte are being drained of nutrients and quickly losing color. There are a couple things you can do to care for your lawn and prepare for Spring.

  1. Get a soil test. Do your soil test now to determine your soil ph and then go ahead and apply lime based on the results. Remember, soil ph should be 6.5-7 for fescue lawns. If your ph comes in below this range, you need lime. Having a balance soil ph will allow your fescue lawn to retain color most of the year and keep weeds from taking over.
  2. Apply a nitrogen based winter application. I willl be applying a liquid nitrogen with broadleaf weed control this month to my lawn care properties. This will give the lawn the nutrients it needs to quickly green up when the cold weather breaks and wipe out the cool-season weeds that have just germinated (like chickweed, henbit, etc).

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Wrapping up lawn renovation season

I've got our last 4 renovations to do tomorrow before putting away the aerators for another season. In some cases it's been tough getting grass to grow, especially in Union county where they still have water restrictions limiting there watering to 2 days per week. 

Our next step is to revisit most of the properties we renovated and do some raking/reseeding/topsoil/hay stray of areas that are still thin or bare. Hopefully the temps will hold steady so we can get some more seed to germinate. A little rain would help also!